Activities at Hilton Church

Toddler Group

The Toddler Group is not able to meet at prtesent because of the coronavirus

Afternoon Tea for over-6os

The Afternoon Teas are currently not able to take place because of the Coronavirus.

See below for a pre-lockdown photo of the event.

Time Out

Time Out is an informal group which is open to all and offers the chance to meet new people, try out and learn new crafts all whilst enjoying tea or coffee and a cake.

Currently, Time Out is not meeting because of the cornavirsu.

The pre-lockdown photo below captures something of the spirit of Time Out.

Rhymes Recollected:  Currently held on-line – see poster for details

Rhymes Recollected is currently held on-line. See details in the poster on the right.  We hope that we will be able to meet in the church all once more when we resume after the summer.

A fortnightly social event for older people. A chance to meet other people, hear and read poems you may remember learning, and perhaps share poems you’ve written.

These afternoons are open to all, and will be dementia friendly for those accompanied by a family member or friend.

For more details, please speak to Audrey Whyte, or John Dempster

Book Group: Currently held on-line

The Bookgroup meets once a month We choose two books every month and although everyone is encouraged to read one or both of them there is no pressure on anyone and it is as important to come and share in chat  as it is to discuss the books.

Our chats range over a variety of topics before we then tackle the books and give them our rating out of 5. Check out the Blog for monthly reports of Book Group meetings.

Anyone is welcome to join us. For more info speak to Shona or email the Church office.

See the two photos below – taken pre-lockdown at our 2019 Christmas party!


Men’s Group: Currently held on-line

The Hilton Church Men’s Group is an informal network of men (of all ages)in the Church.

During the coronavirus restrictions, we are meeting fortnightly on Zoom. If you’d like to join us, please speak to Graham Neville or email the church office.

The group has email and WhatsApp groups to keep in touch with each other and plan gatherings.

In non-COID times, we get together to spend time with each other on a very informal basis. We meet every couple of months or so for a meal and a drink, or another social purpose such as to play games, go to the cinema, go bowling or anything else that folk suggest. We sometimes help out each other or others in the church if there are big jobs that require many hands!

Repair Cafe

Please note that meeting of the  Craft and Repair Group  have been cancelled until further notice because of the Coronavirus epidemic.  However members of the group share their latest work and other news on Whatsapp (and photos of their work regularly appear on the Chuch Blog.)  It you’d like to join the Whatsapp group, please speak to Shona MacPherson or email the church office for details.

Below are some photos of us meeting in pre-COVID days, This is what we did then:

Our Repair/Craft Cafe meets fortnightly in the Lighthouse on a Thursday evening. If you have any clothes you would like repaired or recycled or any crafts you are working on, come along and join us. Also if you would like to try your hand at a new craft e.g.knitting, crochet, sewing come and join us. We always have tea, coffee and home baking to enjoy as well.