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  • Palm Sunday Service

    April 14, 2014


    Here are some photos from Morag of yesterday's Palm Sunday Service which was led by Jonathan, and involved the children making crosses from palm. John

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  • Holy Week at Hilton Church

    April 14, 2014


    Holy Week at Hilton Church Monday 14th April – open house at the Fraser’s (9 Broom Drive, IV2 4EG) Tuesday 15th April – open house at the Walker’s

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Hilton Church

Welcome to the Hilton Church website! Hilton Church is situated at the very centre of the Hilton district of Inverness. We aim to be present in the heart of the community, making a difference, partnering with God as God gently breathes life into us, and into Hilton and those who live here.  

You’ll find on this web site that we are committed to engagement. Engagement with God. Engagement with one another. Engagement with the community. Engagement with the wider world.

We passionately believe in a God who loves us, who showed the full extent of that love by coming among us in Jesus. We believe that the transforming power released by Jesus’ death and his victory over death ripples through time and eternity. Through God’s Spirit the ripples stir Hilton in 2014: no darkness is so black that the light of God’s love can’t penetrate.

We’re committed to exploring the Bible, being open to God, being God’s hands, feet, lips, eyes on the streets and in the homes and workplaces of Hilton. And we’re committed to being real, not pretending to be more holy or faith-filled or loving than we actually are; acknowledging that as imperfect and sometimes broken and doubting people our hope rests in the God whose grace is changing us, and the Hilton community from day to day. Be part of the change!    

Sunday Services

10am every Sunday
Communion will be celebrated on the mornings of 2nd March, 4th May and 1st June, and at the Good Friday Service on 18th April
The next Praise and Prayer Service will be held on Sunday 27th April at 6.30pm in the Lighthouse

Weekly Bulletin

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Exam Revision Evenings

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