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  • In God’s classroom: Eilidh’s…

    August 24, 2015


    Yesterday Eilidh MacPherson gave the last of her summer series of children’s talks. Over the last few weeks she and the children have been exploring

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  • News from the Book Group

    August 23, 2015


    News from Shona about the Book Group We had a really lovely evening at Nicole's on Thursday night (20th August) with 11 of us there which was an excellent

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Hilton Church

Welcome to the Hilton Church website! Hilton Church is situated at the very centre of the Hilton district of Inverness. We aim to be present in the heart of the community, making a difference, partnering with God as God gently breathes life into us, and into Hilton and those who live here.   ________________________________________________________        

Keep on

See the blog for a  report and reflection on this morning' sermon. Duncan's theme was 'keep on keeping on'  inspired by the life and work of Jesus who welcomes us into God's mega-story. And John, in his reflection, reminds us that 'keeping on' at times involves holding on in dark times to what you have been sure of when walking in the light.

This week:  The Toddler Group begins again tomorrow, 24th August, 9.45am - 11.15am at the Church. All toddlers and accompanying adults VERY welcome - there's a nominal charge of £1.50 per family.

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