Sunday Service 12th September 2021

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Events

A worship service was held at 10am on Sunday 12th September, in the church building, and simultaneously broadcast on the Church Facebook page.  A number of spaces were available in the church (limited due to COVID restrictions)  but you can still watch live on Facebook!

The readings for Sunday were:

Proverbs 1:20-33      Psalm 19   James 3:1-12    Mark 8:27-38


Duncan’s sermon this morning was on the passage from James 3, reflecting on the power of the tongue to encourage and build one another up, or on the other hand to undermine. As Judith illustrated by building a tower with the bricks of helpful and encouraging words, and then removing key load-bearing bricks through harsh and critical speaking, our words can be destructive, unloving assaults. And what directs our speaking is not so much will-power, as the love in our hearts, and the extent to which we are connected to the deep roots of God’s grace, wisdom and love.