Sunday Service: 18th July 2021

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Events

A worship service was held at 10am on Sunday 18th July, in the church building, and simultaneously broadcast on the Church Facebook page.  You can catch up here, or by following the link below.

One of the themes of the service which focussed on 2 Samuel 7:1-14 was ‘listening to God’ – hear Shona’s children’s talk about the importance of careful, discerning listening. And Duncan preached about David’s desire to build a Temple for God in Jerusalem where God could ‘live’, and the bigger divine vision of taking up residence in the hearts of men and women so that ultimately the whole of humanity is seen as a temple inhabited by the living God.

The readings for Sunday were:

2 Samuel 7:1-14a   Psalm 89:20-37    Ephesians 2:11-22      Mark 6:30-34,53-56


Here’s the lovely poem Invisible Kisses by Lemn Sissay which Elaine read during the service.


It’s a poem about love, and the power and vision of love, and perhaps as we read it we can see in it something of the Great Love we call God.

written by Lemn Sissay

If there was ever one
Whom when you were sleeping
Would wipe your tears
When in dreams you were weeping;
Who would offer you time
When others demand;
Whose love lay more infinite
Than grains of sand.

If there was ever one
To whom you could cry;
Who would gather each tear
And blow it dry;
Who would offer help
On the mountains of time;
Who would stop to let each sunset
Soothe the jaded mind.

If there was ever one
To whom when you run
Will push back the clouds
So you are bathed in sun;
Who would open arms
If you would fall;
Who would show you everything
If you lost it all.

If there was ever one
Who when you achieve
Was there before the dream
And even then believed;
Who would clear the air
When it’s full of loss;
Who would count love
Before the cost.

If there was ever one
Who when you are cold
Will summon warm air
For your hands to hold;
Who would make peace
In pouring pain,
Make laughter fall
In falling rain.

If there was ever one
Who can offer you this and more;
Who in keyless rooms
Can open doors;
Who in open doors
Can see open fields
And in open fields
See harvests yield.

Then see only my face
In reflection of these tides
Through the clear water
Beyond the river side.
All I can send is love
In all that this is
A poem and a necklace
Of invisible kisses

Here’s a reflection by Malcolm Guite on Psalm 23. Click here to hear the poet reading his reflections on Psalm 22 and Psalm 23.

To suffer my own dereliction for me,
To be my shepherd, and to lead me through
The grave and gate of death, in strength and mercy

Christ has come down. At last I’ve found the true
Shepherd and the false just fade away,
Before him. I will sing of how he drew

Me from the snares I set myself, how day
Dawned on my darkness, how he brought me forth
Converted me and opened up the way

For me, and led me gently on that path,
Led me beside still waters, promised me
That he’d be with me all my days on earth,

And when my last day comes, accompany
And comfort me, as evening shadows fall,
And draw me into his eternity.