Future Church

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Reflections

The previous Moderator, Martin Fair on ‘Reimagining the Future’ Quoted in Here to Serve 37

The outgoing moderator of the General Assembly, Martin Fair, speaks powerfully about how he believes we should deal with the future. In a ‘Reimagining the Future’ webinar, he shares these deeply powerful words;“Can we be a church that begins to be present in the world as it is today, in terms of where we meet and how we do church….Everything..should be up for grabs about how we do church as we go forward and here’s why: the one thing I’m absolutely certain about is unchanging from everlasting to everlasting and that is Jesus. I don’t need any reimagining the future when it comes to Jesus because he’s the same yesterday, today and forever. That is my anchor. That is the solid rock. Everything else can come and go. Everything else will come and go.

Can we please be ready to free ourselves of so much of how we have done church. Covid has given us that gap, if you will, that possibility, that pausing point. So, Post-Covid isn’t so much to say ‘Ah, now we can get back to doing things how they were. How we were doing things wasn’t working. Did anybody notice?Let’s free ourselves up to all the possibilities. I’m not scared of the future. No matter what you might want to propose, if I’ve got Jesus with me, because that’s the one piece of stability, the one certainty and the only certainty that I need.

I don’t mind how we do children’s work. I don’t mind how we worship or when we worship. I don’t mind about the music. I don’t mind if there is a Guild or a women’s group or a BB. I don’t mind any of that. Because it’s seasonal and some of it comes and some of it should go. As long as I’ve got Jesus, then I step forward absolutely confidently into the future. I want us to be that way as church.

Sure, there are a whole bunch of uncertainties ahead of us, questions we have not yet got answers for. But if we have Jesus, then everything else will come into place accordingly. Seek first the Kingdom and all other things shall be added.With the joy of the Lord in us, we can reimagine, with great expectations and hope and creativity. Let’s go for it, folks.

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