Duncan and Peter in the Church Garden

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Uncategorized

I thought for a moment that I was back working in Amazonia this morning. Hot, humid conditions with a shovel in my hand! Peter and I were digging out some of the holes required for the new garden fence posts. It was harder work than we had imagined. Builders rubble presumably from the construction of the Church in the 1950s together with multiple tree roots made the digging quite arduous at times. It was lovely to sit in the garden and see the area coming back to life. Patrons of the Anchor Cafe enjoying the garden space. Zumba was also going full tilt in the hall so it was samba time for the more energetic.  We  enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Anchor cafe. Joe makes the most fantastic sausage rolls. We aim to be back next Tuesday morning at 10am to complete the job. It would also be good to try and cut back some of the plants in the garden together with some weeding. If anyone would like to join us, it would be great to have your company.

A big thank you to Chris Watt who power washed the Lighthouse patio and then filled in all the cracks with a special sand substance which we hope will stop weeds coming through.

See the video beneath the photos – you can hear the sound of the Zumba in full swing!