Sermons from gifted Scottish preachers of the late 20th century

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Resources

From Here to Serve

Find a treasure trove full of recorded sermons by many of Scotland’s most gifted Bible teachers from the latter part of 20th century; in the catalogue or in further links to recordings on sites like Rutherford House, Crieff Fellowship and Solas.

Perhaps you were significantly impacted by the Lord through a sermon series that you previously heard from people such as William Still, the Philip brothers, Sinclair Ferguson or Eric Alexander and you’re moved to go back and hear it again.

Alternatively, you may be studying a particular book of the Bible and would be helped to do this alongside sermons from those the Lord clearly gifted to faithfully expound and apply such texts.the reason, there’s no doubt that you’ll be much blessed by this significant ministry carefully preserved for the benefit of the Church today. Find it here