Wonderful song….


Please listen to this wonderful video which we listened to yesterday at church.

John writes: I think this song, and this video is absolutely wonderful, and I was greatly blessed in hearing it yesterday morning. It got to me right from the start, with that wonderful image ‘you unravel me with a melody.’ Here we are mixed up like fankled wool and God heals and restores not with rough fingers but a melody, a sweetness, a loveliness which heals.

I’d been feeling very anxious for a few days, and in its message of God’s love, and the fact that as Christians we are no longer ‘slaves to fear’ was liberating. And then later on in the song, using the picture of the Jewish people escaping through the Red Sea while their pursuing enemies were swamped by the waves, the song says ‘my fears were drowned in perfect love’ – this love of God is a love which annihilates all that is not love. How uplifting is that?

After we’d listened to this, Donald prayed, and among other things he said ‘the gospel stands strong in an ever-changing world.’  There is one unchanging thing – this strong tower of God, the strong tower of perfect love where the melody plays forever.

Do share this wonderful song! And today, may each of us hear the music singing within us, and whatever complex situations we face, may the music begin to unravel the complexity, and bring peace.

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