What are you reading this Advent?

Art of Advent

What are you reading for Advent?

Many Christians approach the six weeks from the beginning of Advent to Epiphany, on 6th January – when traditionally churches celebrated the arrival of the Wise Men to see the young Jesus – as an opportunity to reflect on the Jesus who came, who comes to us day be day, and who will come at the end of time.

There are many books of reflective readings available to guide us on this journey.  Do let us know if you are working through a published series of reflections – just add a comment below.

Duncan says ‘I have chosen books linked to art and poetry to reflect upon during this season advent, both of which are new to me.’

The two titles – both available fro,m Amazon and on Kindle are:

The Art of Advent: A Painting a Day from Advent to Epiphany by Jane Williams


Waiting on the Word  by Malcolm Guite

Duncan adds ‘If anyone is looking for another possible book to read during advent, I can particularly recommend Beginnings and Endings and what happens in between by Maggi Dawn.   This seems to be out of print, but there are used copies available from Amazon.

Happy reading!


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