Walking with Jesus in the strength of God: some thoughts from John

John Down town 2

Here’s a challenging bit from Joyce’s sermon this morning:

 ‘Where you go I will go’  Can we take Ruth’s words on our lips as a personal response to God?  Two phrases came to Joyce’s mind as she was reflecting on this.  One was this: ‘I want to walk with Jesus Christ.’  Is this our desire, our commitment?  And the second was this ‘Strength will rise as I wait upon the Lord.’  A promise this, that as we ‘wait’ for the Lord, so we are given the strength we require.

John notes:

‘Where you go I will go.’  We can  speak these words to God, indicating what whatever challenges we feel called to – feel the irresistible nudge of God’s Spirit – we will go. If we do not follow that nudging, then we will exoerience regret, and loss until  we pray again, in the words of another song ‘Take me back o Lord to the place where I first met you.’

But the Lord addresses these words of Ruth to us ‘Where you go, I will go.’ God is with is always, even when we choose wrongly.

We sing ‘I want to walk with Jesus Christ.’  This is not simply a desire to live a loving, moral life. It can be much more than that – a journey through each day in relationship with Jesus, so that we recognise the nudging of the Spirit as his voice. Of course there will be times when we seem to be surrounded in mist, and God seems far away, and al we can do is to keep moving forward believing that some time, sooner or later, the mist will rise.

Joyce said something about recognising God at work in her life before she knew Jesus personally. For many of us there comes a first and a glorious rising of the mist when the God we have followed in theory, or have run from in rebellion, self-reveals to us. That’s what we mean when we talk about ‘conversion.’

Can we say today, tomorrow morning ‘Lord Jesus, I want to walk with you today, to be the channel (in the word used by that somg this morning) through which your love reaches others. Not my poor replica of your love, but your authentic love, flowing through me.’

And that lovely final line Joyce quoted ‘strength will rise as I wait upon the Lord.’ I will be strengthened as I realise that my own strength was never going to be enough. As I hold back from pushing ahead with my own agenda until God says ‘Yes!’  And then, in my weakness, I will be given the resources I need to do whatever I am called to do. And it will still be a ‘given’ strength, and as I remember that I will be free from pride, because it is all a gift.

What ‘choice’ is facing us today? How has Joyce’s sermon helped us clarify our thoughts on the choice to make?’


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