Three things struck me at yesterday’s service : 3

Love one another

The other theme which I appreciated was that of love, which flowed right through the service.

I particularly liked the second line of Great God your love has called us here:

..we, by love, for love were made

Exactly the same truth was expressed in Matthew Todd’s song about love as a fruit of the Spirit which we sang before the children left.

God is pure love and that’s why we were made

To God, love is not peripheral – it is absolutely central to what God is, and what God does. We speak of God as ‘One’, and yet we have learned to think of Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit united in perfect love.

This is the love which calls us to itself and calls us to be agents of love, to love one another, to be one as the Trinity is one.

And it’s a costly love, a love which gives everything to be reconciled with the object of love. Hence, as Matthew’s song reminds us ‘Love is the reason his son came to save.’

This is our greatest calling as Christians, in which all other callings find their place. To love one another, to love the world.

As Matthew put it, alluding to St Paul in 1 Corinthians 13 ‘Love is the greatest. I will show you the more excellent way.’

But we are not perfect, we are not yet fully healed, the kingdom has not yet fully come. We accept that our love will very rarely be perfect. Yet we do not use this as an excuse for not loving as in our deepest selves we want to love. Rather, we pray that even in our brokenness and imperfection something of the love of God may be seen. And always, always we remember that we are loved, that nothing can separate us from that love.

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