Three things struck me at yesterday’s service : 1

Bird flying high

Calum Macritchie performed an extract from the play he took part in in Glasgow last summer, based on the book The Reason I Jump, by an autistic Japanese teenager, Haoki Higashida.

Describing why he has to jump, he tells us in the book, and Calum reminded us yesterday that he jumps because ‘The motion makes me want to change into a bird and fly off to some faraway place. But constrained by ourselves and by the people around us, all we can do is tweet tweet, flap our wings and hop around in a cage.’

I guess what tugged at me, hearing these words, was recognition of our human desire to be free, to soar joyfully.

I suppose we could apply the image of the bird in so many different ways from a Christian perspective.

Is God giving me the desire to fly, to be who I am truly meant to be?

Am I strutting round in the cage in despair, while all the time oblivious to the fact that the cage door is standing open?   Or do I know that the door is open, but still stay inside – is the frustration of the known preferable to the uncertainty of freedom?

Does the cage exist at all, or is it simply an illusion, constructed by my fear, prejudice, sense of limitations, or by the damage done to me by others?

Or is the cage some physical limitation, or some demanding responsibility, and have I in those circumstances forgotten to give my soul permission to fly?

Is church to me a matter of tweet-tweeting, and flapping wings while morosely suspecting that others are flying free?

Or have I allowed God’s gift of freedom to spread my wings and break loose from the cage, and fly high, saying  ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

May each of us today, whatever our circumstances, sense the call to spread our wings and feel ourselves bourne upwards.

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