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On Sundays the Church meets at 10.30 am

Everyone is welcome

About 250 people of all age groups come along at 10.30.  (There is also an informal evening service at 6.30pm on the third Sunday of each month.)

There’s a crèche available. Kingdom Kids and Sunday Club leave the service after the kids’ talk.

People come to the services for all sorts of reasons

Some of the main ones are

  • · to set aside time in a busy life to be open to God and to listen to what God says
  • · to check out if Christian faith is relevant
  • · to respond to God
  • · to be inspired to work with God to make a difference the rest of the week
  • · to encourage and be encouraged by being part of a group of people focussing on God, and by chatting over the refreshments afterwards

People are welcome to come and go without engaging in conversation if they wish, but for those who want to talk and to share, there is always someone to listen.

What are services at Hilton like?

Meetings at Hilton include songs and hymns, informally led. There are prayers about needs in the Church, the community and the world. There will often be a short talk from the minister, Duncan Macpherson or another speaker, showing the relevance of something in the Bible to life in 2014. There’s an opportunity, but no obligation to give financially.

Frequently, there will be music, drama, poems, photos of art or sculpture, YouTube clips – not all of these will be equally relevant to any one person. We’re all different, hearing God whispering to us in unique ways; each of us has ways of responding to God appropriate to our personality. Church meetings at Hilton Church aim to provide a context where each of us can hear, and each of us respond.

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Sunday Services

10:30am every Sunday.

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