Small moments make a big difference


And here’s the video we looked at the morning  encouraging us to make a difference in people’s lives by interacting with the folk we meet in a friendly way. ‘Small moments make a big difference.’  A loving, friendly word can bless someone long after it is spoken. I’ve been thinking recently how absolutely crazy we often are. We are surrounded by unique, lovely, vulnerable people in shops and streets and public venues.  And yet we don’t lift our eyes, or smile, or say a word. We don’t engage in any way.

Duncan said before we watched this morning that introverts wouldn’t like the film – and he’s right in a way:  as an introvert I would find it hard to strike up conversation with someone, and my gut reaction if someone spoke to me in a crowd would be to feel their words as an intrusion. And yet I recognise the one-ness of all humanity, and it seems to me that, while respecting my introversion, I need to be more open to other people.  For in such openness each person may find that a quiet benediction is both given and received.

The word which I’ve been focussed on this week has been ‘kindness’, seeking in each situation to ask ‘What does kindness look like, in this passing moment?’ and to act in line with the answer.

May we so live this week that people are blessed simply by our presence.

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