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John at Brodie

Duncan and Shona have been encouraging folk to share their personal faith stories at the Sunday evening gatherings – and at the service on Sunday Duncan told us a little about the Christian influences which helped shape him as a child.

Here’s my contribution to the story sharing – an article which I was recently invited to write for the Nomad Podcast Blog.

The lovely thing is that we are all different, we all have different stories. And yet the more we become truly ourselves, the more Jesus is seen in our lives.

I just came across two lovely expressions of this yesterday in Father Timothy Radcliffe’s new book Alive in God: a Christian Imagination.

First he quotes Thomas Merton, addressing a group of novices in his monestary:

What you came here for is to become yourself, to discover your complete identity, to be you. But the catch is that of course our full identity, as monks and Christians is Christ. It is Christ in each of us…I’ve got to become me in such a way that I am the Christ that can only be the Christ in me.

And then Father Timothy quotes ancient Jewish wisdom:

When a human being makes many coins from one mould, they are all the same, but the supreme King of kings makes every human being in the same image, yet all are different.

Isn’t that wonderful – each of us, with our own stories, our own background, our own struggles can express something of Jesus something unique to us!

We are precious! Our stories are precious! Let’s go our today and invite Jesus to embody himself in us, in all the messy reality of our lives today.

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