Saying ‘Yes!’ to God – different ways of worshipping

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I loved Stephen’s wee talk this morning, when he showed us a video of three dancers expressing worship through dance, accompanying the song What a Beautiful Name.

Stephen told us about the first time he and Ingrid came across dance in a worship context. Quite some time ago, they were at St Michael le Belfrey, the church adjacent to York  Minster. During the singing of the final verse of ‘Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation’ a young woman danced at the front of the church her gracious, elegant movements time to the music drawing attention not to herself but to ‘the Lord, the Almighty’, and saying ‘Yes!’ to God.

Dance, Stephen said, is not in his ‘praise repertoire.’  We all have been gifted with ways of expressing praise to God. Not all of us feel at home singing worship songs: the important thing is to find, and to enter in to our own ‘praise repertoire’, our own ways of saying ‘Yes!’ to God.

Stephen quoted Psalm 149 and 150, where dance is central to worship:

‘Let them praise his name with dancing’ (Psalm 149:3)

‘Praise him with tambourine and dancing’  (Psalm 150:4)

And then her referred to 2 Samuel 6:16, where King David’s wife watches out of a window as David expresses his worship in dance: ‘And when she saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, she despised him in her heart.’

How important it is, Stephen said, not to ‘despise’ other peoples’ ways of worshipping God but to affirm all ways of expressing worship to God, and to affirm the worshippers in their worshipping.

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