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We had a lovely time yesterday afternoon at the Light House coffee shop at the first meeting of Rhymes Recollected. This group, led by Audrey Whyte assisted by John Dempster, gives those of us who are older a chance to get together regularly to share poems which have, over the years, been meaningful to us.

Yesterday’s theme was ‘Love.’  Audrey and John read some classic love poems, and a number of those present read poems which were meaningful to them, and we shared memories of the role poetry had played in our lives. Some folk read their own work to an appreciative audience

John says ‘I really appreciated the afternoon. It was a chance to get to know people, and when you’re talking about poetry some deep things are shared.  I found it humbling in a very positive and helpful way, and encouraging.’

The next Rhymes Recollected is at the Light House coffee shop at 1.45pm on Monday 25th February, when the theme will be ‘Everyday Things.’

Everyone welcome – please bring along poems which have meant something to you – especially poems about the ordinary things in life. Come and share, and join in the craic.







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