Releasing creativity: Time Out

Why not make this Wednesday 5th February the day you do something different?

This morning Ruth Shepherd told us about Time Out which she and others, including Dot Walker began back in 2006. On alternate Wednesday mornings (during term time), she told us, the church is a hive of activity from 9.30am until noon. It’s Time Out – a chance for people of all ages to get together, relax, and do something different.

The next session is this Wednesday!

Ruth said ‘From about 10am till 11.30 we do various crafts, including knitting, mosaicing, felting, card-making, braiding and jewellery, crochet and painting and drawing, all washed down with coffee, cakes and a good blether! Sometimes the crafts are seasonally appropriate – for instance we do Christmas projects towards the end of the year. And don’t worry if you feel you’re not particularly creative – you’re welcome to come along for coffee and a chat.’  

There is a free crèche provided by Childcare Direct (funded by a grant from The Highland Council’s Early Education team).

Everyone is welcome – it costs £2 to attend each session, but that includes the refreshments and all the craft materials. And Ruth would appreciate volunteers to help run the sessions!

Ruth told us that Time Out also engages with the wider world, using some of its funds to support a child in India through the Compassion organisation – and last year paid for a loo to be provided in a disadvantaged community in Bagladesh!

John Dempster comments: ‘We all have creative gifts. Sometimes we feel so busy that we’ve no time to be creative. Sometimes our creativity seems so much part of our routine that we don’t recognise it as a gift. Sometimes when we are feeling low, we despair that we will never again know the creative spark. Some of us doubt whether we’ve any creative gifts. One of the roles of a church community is to provide people with space and encouragement to explore their God-given creativity, so that it released, bringing healing and joy to themselves and to others, doing ‘something beautiful for God.’ All of us need to take time out for creativity, for it is as we are creative, in the widest sense of the word that we are most in tune with the God whose creativity extends day by day the Kingdom of Heaven.’

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