Preparing for next June’s ‘Weekend of Invitation’: an opportunity to find out more


Weekend of Invitation

Roadshows – 23-26 October

Inverness date – Wednesday 25th October, 10m-3pm

Michael-Harvey-CanadaMichael Harvey (Back to Church Sunday, Weekend of Invitation) is bringing his roadshow to Scotland this October, encouraging church leaders, elders and members to take part in next June’s Weekend of Invitation. Listen to Michael talking about the Roadshow here.

The National Weekend of Invitation is a call to mobilise the largest possible number of churches in Scotland and to help them to develop a culture of invitation.

Michael Harvey has been learning about Invitation for over 12 years, seeking insights into why people invite, or don’t invite others to church, and developing best practice for becoming an Invitational Church.

The interactive, inspirational, and humour-filled sessions will introduce concepts such as the Invitation Cross, and three ways to think and behave differently. You will come away with a plan to capitalise on the one of the church’s greatest opportunities, to develop a culture of invitation that will affect not just one weekend, but the whole church year.

The Inverness roadshow will take place on Wednesday 25th October in Inshes Church from 1pm to 3pm.

Pre-registration is required – register here.
For more information email:

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