Prayers for our nation


This morning, at a time of  division in our nation, Duncan called us to pray for, and to seek peace and healing.

God of past, present and future, be with us as we take our next steps as nations together.

May we strive to love our neighbour as ourselves, listening and speaking with respectful kindness, embracing difference, remembering how much all have been forgiven by you.

May we offer friendship, grant mercy, and seek peace and justice in our shared future.


We are deeply grateful that for many years we have been blessed by relative peace and freedom from war in Europe. As a new chapter opens, we earnestly pray for continued stability in this geographic area.

We ask that as a nation we would be able to move forward together after the divisions that the referendum has exposed. May the Christian community provide support to the oppressed and the needy, and in our struggles encourage us to show the love and compassion of our Saviour.


In time of turmoil…

We pray for the Prime Minister and Party Leaders as they negotiate the political future of our nation.

Father, give them your wisdom and vision.

We pray for all in Parliament as they represent their communities.

Jesus, give them your humility and strength.

We pray for the media as the interpret events for the nation.

Holy Spirit, give them your truth and compassion.

We pray for ourselves, your Church, as we show your love to our neighbours.

May we speak hope, embody courage, and model unity in diversity.

Almighty God, we place our trust in you.

For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, now and forever.


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