Prayer points for this week

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Weekly Prayer Points

Hilton Family Support

  • Give thanks that the charity is now up and running and will allow Simeon’s work with the community to continue
  • Pray that the families reached will continue to find support and encouragement from each other and the volunteers who are journeying with them
  • Pray that all those who attend would come to know and love God themselves


  • Pray that following the first week back both staff and pupils will be filled with energy and readiness for the new term
  • Pray that all that is taught this term will help shape the pupils as they continue to prepare for their futures.
  • Pray for the relationships that are being developed, will have a positive impact on all in the school

One another

  • As we begin this new year pray that we will both individually and communally be filled with the knowledge of God and be given spiritual wisdom for the year ahead
  • Pray that we will each have the bravery and confidence to share the good news of the Gospel with our colleagues, friends and family this year
  • Pray for those who are currently unwell or have undergone recent hospital procedures, that their recoveries will be quick and un-eventful
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