Poems by Anne Thomas – Extra


Poems by Anne Thomas – Extra!

This week, four more recent poems by Anne, the first two on her early experiences of parenthood.

Firstborn   (Spring 1990)

Was this the dawn of my motherhood?
Or merely a gateway from darkness to light
From inner seclusion
To public display?
You were joined to me
Now we are separate.
The first of many steps towards independence.
A powerful moment
Etched in eternity.
As those first breaths pinked your face,
What did I feel?
Joy certainly…and pain –
Relief that it was accomplished,
Love for you, so fragile and helpless,
For your father sharing this moment,
For our Heavenly Father
in giving me this precious life
for trusting me with the gift of a son, –
May you grow to worship
and love the Lord your God, -
whatever the cost.
May you be fearless of the lions of this day
of materialism, selfish ambition, apathy, greed and many more.
May God close their mouths for you.
Daniel, I can ask no less
than that you learn
to love the Lord your God
with all your heart, mind and strength
and your neighbour as yourself.

Parenthood   (15th August 1993)

Lord that our home
‘may reflect the joy of your eternal kingdom.’
How often the little things:-
cooking meals,
feeding, washing and dressing children,
tidying up,
washing and cleaning, -
How often these things crowd out
the joy of the eternal.
Yet through the hustle and the bustle
there is joy, -
Joy in the growth and laughter of healthy children,
Joy in caring and sharing when they’re poorly,
Joy in seeing the growth in love
for you and for others and in understanding,
Joy in hearing simple statements of faith –
‘God made everything except cakes,
‘cos we make cakes.’
Joy in the smile of recognition
of a baby seeing her parent.
Your joy, Lord, -
may it be reflected more and more in our home.
As we bring Julia to be baptised
in hope and trust
that she may one day
claim this faith as her own.

The next two poems reflect Anne’s environmental and political concerns.

Environmental Car Crash

The global juggernaut plunges on
Spewing out filth as it goes
I try to jump onto it
Try to grab the break
As it speeds by, gathering momentum
Like a by-stander on the side of the motorway
Seeing the obstruction
Knowing the crash will happen
But powerless to stop it
All I can do is tell as many people as I can
Perhaps together we can provide a softer landing
For the runaway tearing down the hill
And reduce the carnage.

Streets of our world     (with apologies to Ralph McTell)

(This poem was written around the time of Donald Trump’s election as American President.)

Have you seen the young boy washed up on a beach?
Fleeing from the war in a leaky old dinghy?
Too many desperate people made the boat unstable
His family keep grieving, but tweets move on again.

So how can you tell me you’re lonely?
And say for you that the sun don’t shine?
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of our world
I’ll show you something to make you change your mind.

Have you seen the young teen who camps in Calais?
Wants to join his family in the UK?
French tear down the camp, he just has to tramp
May says ‘we will take them’ then changes her mind


Have you seen the refugees going to the USA?
Bags all packed and hope in their hearts
Turned away at ports by president’s decree
Statue of Liberty has tears in her eyes


Have you seen the Highlanders, in cold old building?
With bags of tents and clothes to wear
People busy knitting, sorting and packing
Showing refugees that some in the world do care


(The image is from the West Highland Free Press. Photographer – Willie Urquhart)

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