Poems by Anne Thomas – 4

Mountaintops valleys

More of Anne’s poems, written when she was in her teens and early twenties.  Thankyou, Anne for sharing the earlier part of your faith journey with us through these very intimate poems.

Mountains and Valleys

Lord, I’ve been up on the mountain
And now have returned to the plain.
There everything seemed so simple.
I wish I were back there again.

The jungle around seems so dark now.
I’m scratched, I’m bruised and I’m scared.
I’ve smiled, but nobody’s seen me.
I’ve screamed, but nobody’s cared.

On high there were so many of us,
But now seems I’m all on my own.
Now that no other stands with me
To tumble I’m so much more prone.

“My child remember my warning;
‘You must be a star in the sky.’
A star doesn’t mind it’s burning
It has to burn brightly, or die.

“And though in life’s jungle-clogged valleys
You’re tempted sometimes to despair,
If you look past the briars and the bindweed
You’ll find that your Teacher is there.

“And then you’ll be glad of the swampland,
And find when you climb the next hill,
That though you learned much on the mountain
In the valley I taught you more still.”

The Call     (24th August 1980)

(based on Jeremiah 1:4-10)

I said “Lord here I am,
And your will do I seek.”
He said “Listen I give you
The words you must speak.”

I said “Lord, don’t you realise
I’m far too young.
And when I start speaking
I trip over my tongue.”

He said “Don’t say that,
But to my people go,
I will be with you
To protect you from your foe.”

He touched my lips
With His outstretched hand,
And gave me His authority
In the land;

To uproot and pull down
To destroy and overthrow
And to build and to plant
And to watch the fruit grow.

Baptism  (15th May 1984)

To go under the waters.
The Mara – waters of suffering,
The stinging waters that purify,
To go down into the depths,
To my old self to die,
Knowing my Lord is with me
In the deep waters of life
That they will not overwhelm me,
But cleanse and renew.
Then to rise up with Christ
To sit with him in the heavenly places
To live as the child of the King
To this baptism
I offer myself,
Committing my future to Him
In faith and trust.


A moment etched in eternity,
A time when the silence spoke
In wordless recognition
Of a kindred spirit
A mind that thought
The same deep thoughts.
We understood beyond words
In awed sharing
Of divine discoveries.
We paused in speech,
But thoughts continued
We both felt it.
Unity in Christ Jesus
A day earlier a stranger
Now, a sister,
This moment shared.
True fellowship.

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