Note of Jamie’s sermon this morning on the restoration of Peter


This morning Jamie Grant was speaking on John 21:15-25, where Peter is restored following his triple denial of Jesus.

Jamie used the passage to explore three themes.

Firstly, as Peter did each of us can experience – and repeatedly experience for we repeatedly fail – a personal restoration by Jesus. Jesus offers each of us unconditional forgiveness and restoration, and the fact that we are loved, and restored brings us great joy and delight.

Secondly, just as Jesus had a personal plan for Peter (‘Feed my sheep’ v15, v17; ‘Follow me’ v19, v20) so he has a personal plan for each of us.  God doesn’t forgive because he has something he wants us to do – God forgives simply because he is a forgiving God. But having forgiven us, God has a plan for us.

And finally, just as Peter made a personal response to Jesus’ loving initiative, so we are each invited to respond to Jesus, to respond to the gospel. ‘But these are written that you may believethat Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.’ (John 20:31)

We are individually loved, we are individually forgiven, entrusted with a future – how can we fail to respond, and recognise our place in God’s joyful household!

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