New beginnings


Someone quoted to me words from the old Christian classic The Cloud of Unknowing  yesterday: “For He can well be loved, but he cannot be thought. By love he can be grasped and held, but by thought, neither grasped nor held.”

I love these words, because I realise there is so much about God that is beyond words, beyond understanding, beyond knowledge.

But I think there are some things which can be known, though only partially understood.  And one is the truth we were rejoicing in this morning, that Jesus is risen, Jesus is alive.

But the thing is, that fact is only ‘knowledge’ until we enter into the experience of it, and encounter in our hearts the reality of a living Jesus, and express in our lives that living presence within us.

I am so aware that for many of us there are times when the skies are grey, the sun not visible, and with no sense of the fire within us we choose faithfully to live in a light of a truth which we do not at the moment experience. ‘I do not feel your presence and yet I believe.’

But there are also days when the sun burns away the mist, when the fire burns brightly, when we know beyond doubt that we are both loved, and empowered to love.

Easter Sunday offers us a new beginning – indeed every day offers as a new beginning, but Easter perhaps especially so, for its a reminder of the day it all began, the beginning of new beginnings.

‘Father help me not to despair, thinking that the grey cloud is too strong for the sun to penetrate. Take me by the hand, lead me into the daylight, kindle the fire within my heart. Lord Jesus, I stand beside you on the beach and break warm fish in my fingers. Thank you that you are the Lord of new beginnings!’

New beginning



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