My story: Duncan

Duncan 2017

Here’s the personal story Duncan shared in the service yesterday:

Duncan said that he knew of people who had Damascus Road experiences in their lives. They can point to an absolute date and time when faith in Jesus became absolutely real to them, when the whole direction of their lives changed.

But, he went on ‘I know far more people, and I include myself in that group, who have had no such experience or life-changing moment.’

Duncan was brought up on the west coast of Scotland, and as a teenager it seemed to him that people who became Christians withdrew from life, from things that Duncan felt were good and positive – such as football and sport and dancing.

He associated Christian faith with this withdrawal into a sombre, holy enclave, and felt that he could never be part of it.

But as a student he was invited to a church, and in going along found himself introduced to a new expression of spirituality which made sense to him – a warm, hospitable, whole-of-life spirituality. It was, he told us ‘a way of being a Christian which made sense to him.’

And this life-focussed spirituality has shaped Duncan’s whole ministry.

He says ‘I have been on this journey, this Way of faith since my teens, and there have been many points along the way when I have had a strong consciousness of God as part of my life experience. Goodness and mercy following me all the days of my life.’

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