Liam Morrison at Casa Harului

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It was lovely to hear a report from Liam Morrison at the service this morning about the six months he spent working in Romania at Casa Harului, ‘the House of Grace’ which provides summer camps for Romanian children with disabilities and their parents. Over the last few years, a team from Hilton Church has travelled to the Casa for a week in the summer to take responsibility for one of the camps.

When he arrived at the airport in Romania, where he was met by Maria Medrea the lady who runs the Casa (and whom Liam describes as ‘one of the most caring ladies I know)  and Hannah Whillis, he was expecting that he’d spend his time in Romania working with disabled children.  It immediately became clear, however, that his practical skills would be enormously helpful at the Casa.

Over the following six months, he was involved in a series of projects which he talked us through with the help of photos.  He organised temporary repairs on the access road (which has now been concreted by the council); he helped construct a shed in which to store rubbish; he was involved in constructing swings for people in wheelchairs, which are hugely appreciated and enjoyed by visitors to the Casa.  In the community, he helped build a home for four people who had been living in a miserable shed – Liam, being the lightest those involved, got tasked with completing the roof. (See photo below. – if you are on Facebook you can see video of the wheel chair swing in action here and here.)

He told us about a four-day visit to neighbouring Ukraine where there is a desire to replicate the work being done at the Casa.  He also described the quality of a new orphanage which had been built in Hateg, Romania. Many Romanian Orphanages are poorly-funded, with the result that though the children are well-fed, they wear old clothes and live in drab surroundings.  The new orphanage is modern, and the children well dressed – it was built through the efforts of a pastor who raised funding for it.

It was a wonderful report from Liam – he was humble and understated in his description of his achievements, yet it was clear to us that he contributed significantly to the work in Romania.

Jonathan asked Liam what he had learned about God during his six months away. Liam confessed by nature he likes to be ‘in control’ of his life, planning what he’ll be doing over the following months. But at the Casa, he learned to ‘let go and see what God has for me,’ and he learned too that ‘small things make a big difference.’

This reminded Jonathan of Mother Teresa’s remark that ‘We can do no great things – only small things with a great amount of love.’

You can read the November Newsletter from Maria at Casa Harului here.

Liam -with boy Liam - house

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