Jonathan’s Study Leave

Princeton Seminary

Jonathan has written an excellent Study Leave Report describing his time in the United States at the end of May.  Click here to read it.

He spent a day at Allentown Presbyterian Church in Allentown, New Jersey where he spent a year on placement prior to coming to Hilton. He discussed with former colleagues there ‘the current joys and the challenges of youth ministry in both the USA and in Scotland.’

For the next four days, he attended the Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry, reflecting on the future of youth ministry in a cultural where images (pictures, video, symbols) are more central means of communicating than words. He also explored the impact of social media on young people’s sense of connectedness and self-esteen.

Finally he was at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, exploring the conference them, ‘The Spirit of the Age: the Age of the Spirit.

Jonathan than spent three days visiting his sister in Washington and visiting key sites in the Capital.

The full report is well worth reading – follow that link!

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Lorraine Watson

May 29, 2018

I would very much enjoy reading a copy of Jonathan's Report on his visit to his sister's in Washington. Many Thanks. Lorraine

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