Jonathan’s CHRISTMAS song

Christmas 18

We worked with Jonathan to ‘recover’ a Christmas Alphabet Song in which C is for Candy, R is for Reindeer and there’s absolutely no mention of Jesus!

Jonathan took us through each letter of the word ‘Christmas’ and asked us to suggest a Christmas-associated work beginning with each letter, before revealing the word he had chosen for his re-write of the song.

For example, for ‘C’ people suggested Carrots (for the reindeer or for Santa?), Christmas Cake, and Candle: Jonathan had chosen ‘Christ Child.’  For ‘T’ people suggested Tinsel, Time, Triumph and Turkey – Jonathan had selected ‘Thankfulness.’  We suggested the ‘correct’ answer (ie the one Jonathan had chosen) for some of them too!  In between working through the letters, we sang carols, and Jonathan read us Bible verses about the Christmas story.

Then we sang the song, to its original jaunty tune, using Jonathan’s words.  It work very well!

C is for the Christ Child who’s lying in the hay

H is for God’s Holiness that’s there on full display

R is for Redeemer for that’s who the baby is

I is for Immanuel. Can God be with us? Surely yes!

S is for the Shepherds, watching o’er their flock

T is for the Thankfulness for all the gifts he’s brought

M’s for Mother Mary who obeyed the Father’s call

A is for the Angels, singing joy and peace to all

S is for the Saviour, for the reason that he came was that he will surely save us when we call upon his name.


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