Housegroup questions on John 9:1-41


Housegroup questions on John 9:1-41

As always, please just choose the questions which seem appropriate for your group.

Some members of the group might wish to discuss whether their own experience of coming to faith, or coming to a deeper understanding of faith was like having eyes opened to something which up until then had been invisible.

What stages were there in the man’s journey to faith? (verses 6-7, 15, 17, 33, 35-38) Do any of the group members have a similar story of ‘stages’ in their coming to faith?

How would you encourage someone who said ‘I just wish there had been something as dramatic and transformational in my life! Then I’d know that my faith was genuine!’

How do you think a person with a disability, or the parents of a person with a disability might react to this chapter?

Barry spoke about Jesus sending the man to wash in the pool (v7) as being a ‘test of faith.’  Members of the group may wish to tell how their faith has been tested through something challenging they felt God was asking them to do. What was the outcome – did their faith grow as a result of facing the challenge?

What would you say to someone in despair who said ‘I think God asked me to do something, twenty, thirty years ago, and I was scared and chickened out. Ever since then, I’ve struggled with a sense of failure.’

On Sunday, the songs included ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus’ and ‘Open my eyes Lord, I want to see Jesus.’  What does this ‘seeing Jesus’ mean to the members of the group?  Do some people feel that this particular metaphor isn’t for them an especially helpful way of describing their experience of faith?

Why were the Pharisees unable to recognise that Jesus was special? (You may find some clues in verses 16, 22, 28-29, 34, 40-41)   Is it still the case, do you think, that ‘religion’ can keep people from God – in answering this, begin by looking at your own experiences, your own hearts?

How are we to discern whether some new movement in the Christian church (perhaps an idea, or a spiritual practice, or a way of ‘doing church’, or a charismatic leader) is genuinely from God?

How would you respond to a blind person who said ‘I find this really uncomfortable. I am blind, but that’s not who I am, and my blindness says nothing at all about my character.  So when in the Bible, or in everyday life people uses language associating blindness with foolishness, or lack of wisdom or perception, it makes me mad!’

‘Jesus…found him’ (v35) Is it meaningful today to speak of Jesus ‘finding us’ and speaking to us? What does this experience ‘feel like?’

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