Housegroup questions on Genesis 9:1-17


Housegroup Questions on Genesis 9:1-17

What does this passage gave to say about the relationship between the human race and the natural world?(see verses 1-3, 8-10, 16)  What are the implications of this for our attitude to the environment?  How will it show in our behaviour towards living creatures?

Why did Duncan say that God’s ‘covenant’ with humanity (v12-17) is more like a ‘promise’ than a ‘covenant’?   Why is this good news for the human race?  How is it massively helpful to someone who feels ‘I am always letting God down!’

Describe the significance of the rainbow – why would Noah and his descendents be encouraged when they saw a rainbow?   Why did Duncan describe it as an inverted warrior’s weapon?

Members of the group might want to share personal experiences of occasions when a rainbow has been significant to them.

How might remembering the rainbow challenge you when in a difficult situation you are tempted to get aggressive and ‘reach for a weapon’?

Can you suggest any similarities between the role of the rainbow in the life of Noah and his descendents and the role of Jesus in the lives of Christians today?

‘I will see it and remember,’ says God (v16)   When God ‘sees’ Jesus, what does God remember?

What are the implications for our attitude to ourselves and to others of the fact that no-one is excluded from God’s blessing? (v17)

Duncan mentioned that, in Genesis 9, it was as though God had pressed a ‘reset’ button and given the earth a new start.  Christians believe that in the future, beyond the end of time, there will be ‘a new heaven and a new earth’  (Revelation 21:1)  Why can we be confident that when God next presses the reset button the sorry tale of human failure will not simply begin once again?

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