Housegroup Questions on Exodus 20:3-16 (The Ten ‘Words’ or ‘Commandments’)


Housegroup Questions on Exodus 20:3-16 (The Ten ‘Words’ or ‘Commandments’)

(Some questions on the passage Duncan and Jonathan addressed over the last couple of Sundays.)

Exodus 20:12-16

Can you think of any ‘grey areas’ which might make someone unsure whether one or other of these ‘words’ applies?

Can you imagine any situations where compassionate love might lead someone to go against one of these ‘words?’

Jonathan reminded us that Jesus insisted that the ‘words’ covered not just outward actions, but ‘a righteousness of mind and motive.’  Ho would you help someone who, bearing Jesus’ teaching in mind,  said ‘I’m a believer, but I’m just so conscious that in my heart I find myself breaking all these commandments almost every day. What’s wrong with me?’

Exodus 20:3-11

How aware are you of a tendency within you to ‘make idols’ of things other than God?  Duncan said about v4 that ‘We can “bow down” to these, other than to God, giving ultimate value to things which have no lasting value in comparison with God.’   How will someone’s life be different if God is their only god?

Did you agree with Duncan’s suggestion about v7, that someone is mis-using God’s name when they call themselves believers but live in such a way that God is brought into disrepute?  What impression might people get from our lives about what God is like?

What’s your own experience – positive or negative – of keeping the Sabbath day holy? (v8) How will it show in our lives if we are taking seriously the principle of ‘sabbath?’

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