Housegroup Questions on Acts 9:1-19

Conversion of St Paul 2

Housegroup questions on Acts 9:1-19

In talking about the conversion of Paul, Duncan encouraged us to share with one another our own stories of coming to faith, living in faith, and having a sense of God in our lives. It would be great if the members of the group could share their own experiences of this – but no-one should feel any pressure to speak.  For some people, a way in to this might be to ask ‘what have I seen of goodness and mercy following me all the days of my life?’ (Don’t worry if answering this question takes up all the time available.)

‘I don’t think I have a faith story. I just believe in God and get on with life!’  How would you respond to someone who said this?

Has anyone, like Paul, ever been deeply opposed to something, antagonistic to it, and then come to realise that what they were opposing was actually true and right?  What brought about the change?

Duncan mentioned that Paul’s experience in the passage was a little like Easter – he spent three days in a dark place, and then experienced a resurrection to a new life.  Does this reflect the experience of anyone in the group – periods of darkness and despair, followed by new awakenings?

Duncan emphasised the role of Ananias in helping Paul understand what had happened to him – in fact Ananias was a spiritual midwife, helping God give birth the new Paul. (Acts 9:10-19) Who have been the ‘Ananiases’ in the lives of members of the group, and how did they help, by their presence, wisdom, compassion and example?

Members of the group might wish to share their experiences of being ‘Ananias’ to other people, helping them in their spiritual awakening.

What can we deduce about Ananias from Acts 9:10-19 which will help us as we seek to be ‘Ananias’ in the lives of other people?


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