Help is on its way!

An update on the Jubilee Hope story! (Click here for an earlier post) Recently, Duncan mentioned that the Vine Trust was looking for someone with a nautical background to join the Jubilee Hope on the next leg of its journey to Lake Victoria in Africa. Well help is on the way in the person of our very own Donald Macdonald. Donald had 50 years of experience on big ships – tankers and bulk carriers – when he retired in 2008 – and had been thinking about helping in just such a project. He volunteered, and has spent the last few days preparing to leave on Monday. On Friday he was in Glasgow being vaccinated against Yellow Fever, having managed to track down a dose of the vaccine in the south of Scotland.

On Monday, Donald flies to Birmingham, and catches a flight from there on Tuesday to St Vincent in the Cape Verde Islands which are in the Atlantic Ocean off West Africa. After a short flight to another island he joins Jubilee Hope which has berthed to refuel. Donald will be one of six crew on the vessel between Cape Verde and Capetown in South Africa. There will be a one further refuelling stop on the way, at Luanda in Angola. Donald will be taking his turn at steering Jubilee Hope, guiding it through busy shipping lanes at its optimum speed of 6.5 knots (about 8 miles per hour.)  It’ll take about a month to reach Capetown, after which Donald comes home. The final leg of the ship’s journey will take it to Mombasa in Kenya. The ship has been designed to be dismantled and transported overland from Mombasa to Lake Victoria.

The mission of Jubilee Hope is to bring primary health care to folk living on islands in Lake Victoria in Africa, and it will make a huge difference to the lives of tens of thousands of people. Help is on the way, though they do not know it yet. It’s exciting to have someone we know involved in this exciting project. Our thoughts and prayers go with Donald as he leaves, and we look forward to seeing the photos on his return! He is an inspiration to us all!

You can follow a log of Jubilee Hope’s voyage here.

Here’s Donald, looking relaxed on the bridge on his last voyage before retirement in 2008

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Hector Morrison

Feb 28, 2014

Well done, Donald. Thanks for responding so readily to the call! I have to say you came very much to mind when Duncan made the announcment on Sunday, even though I think he was looking for an engineer! But a Tolsta boy can turn his hand to anything on board ship. The Lord be with you in this great adventure. Hector

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