Hector’s sermon on John 13 – some things to think about

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Things to think about

What things make it hard for us to love other Christians?

Think about different situations in your life and the people who interact with there. What does love look like in these situations in practical terms?

Is Jesus implying that we should love other Christians more than we should love other people?

What’s the connection between knowing that we are loved, and learning to love others?

What’s the connection between loving ourselves, and learning to love others?

What do you think is more important? What we believe, or how we live?

Is love predominately about feelings, or about actions?

Why is it often hard for us to believe that we are truly loved by God?

Why do we often find it easier to love others, than to accept love from others?

The potential for loving is limitless – how to we discern the opportunities which God is giving us to show love, and avoid burning ourselves out?

How do we believe as Christians that the Holy Spirit helps us in expressing love. What is your practical experience of this?

Why is it damaging to us if we see showing love as another commandment we have to keep?

How do we deal with the inadequacy we feel in comparison to, say Jesus? Our loving is often so flawed and imperfect and it’s easy to feel a failure.

If I am finding it so hard to love others, how do you think the Jesus we see in John 13 would counsel me?

Do you think each one of us has the potential to be ‘a Judas’?

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