Giving to the Church


The vision we have been given

Hilton Church of Scotland has a vision which we believe is God-given. A vision of working in partnership with God to live as a family of those who both love God and one another, and know ourselves loved; a vision of expressing God’s welcoming love in the community and beyond; a vision of creating a safe place in the heart of Hilton where all are welcome. And in all this, we entrust ourselves to the healing, transforming presence of Jesus Christ.

The cost of fulfilling the vision

But it costs to fulfil any vision, and Hilton Church’s vision is no exception. Fulfilling the vision costs time, and energy as we commit to the people around us, really listening, really caring, blessing and being blessed. Fulfilling the vision takes humility, as each of us learns how far we fall short, and how much further we have to travel. Fulfilling the vision takes dedication – many, many people are committed to serving the church, using their gifts and talents to make a difference. And fulfilling the vision requires the generous giving of money.

The place the story has brought us to

This year Duncan our minister, Jonathan our Youth Pastor, Jane in the office, and Hamish in his caretaking role have been joined by Simeon, who works primarily with children in the church and community, and Fiona. We have a building to adapt and maintain so that it continues to serve the needs of a 21st century church. If we are to embrace the vision wholeheartedly, then we need a higher level of income to make it possible in practical terms.

Why give? Understanding ourselves as givers

We give financially as we are able; we give not to win praise from God, or from anyone else; we give not to feel good about ourselves; we give not to win leverage or score political points; we give not because we’re guilty but because we know ourselves loved and forgiven and want others to hear the same good news which we have heard; we give not to avoid contributing in other ways but as part of commitment to living for God in all of our lives; we give not just when everything’s going well and we feel good, but also at times when we’re struggling. We give because all we are and have is a gift from God who gave himself to save us, and we want to respond in the gratitude of giving. We give because we want to, or long to want to.

Please, help fulfil the vision

Hilton Church is committed to the wise use of funds: considering each project prayerfully; seeking to be energy efficient; sourcing external funding as appropriate. So please, help fulfil the vision by:

1. Review your level of offering to the church

2. Commit to regular offering, either by using the freewill offering envelopes or by setting up a monthly standing order at the bank

3. Complete a gift aid form – allowing the church to reclaim a further 25% from HMRC (envelopes, standing  order forms and gift aid forms are also available from Jane MacLean, the Church Office Administrator.)

Thanks for your continued support.



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