Getting real with ourselves and with God

John Down town 2

John writes:

Just thinking about what Duncan was saying this morning about getting real with yourselves and with God when we’re struggling and God seems far away.

I think it’s only when we are real with ourselves, and acknowledge what we’re thinking and feeling that we are enabled to open ourselves up to God’s love.  If we’re burying and hiding things in our lives, pretending they are not there, then we will not be praying as our whole selves and so we may find we can’t connect with God.

Perhaps the first thing God does is to help us truly see ourselves, so that we can sincerely cry to God as we are, bringing to God our whole selves:  the broken bits and the shadow bits, the messy bits, the guilt and shame and rage and anger and whatever else is there. In coming to God as we are, so we find grace, love, courage and forgiveness.

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