Foodbank news from Lorna


 Items the Foodbank are particularly short of at the moment are;  Tins of vegetables, Cartons of long life fruit juice, Washing powder (small),  Shaving foam/razors

The following is an extract from a letter which we have received from Lorna –

“It’s been a busy couple of months at Foodbank and we’re truly grateful for donations from your church, without which Foodbank would not be sustainable.

Last week we were able to help Claire and her family, including their cat.  Claire had never been to a Foodbank in her life before and appeared slightly nervous and apprehensive as she came through the door.  Claire works part time and her husband struggles with ill health, so is currently unable to work.  Claire’s husband was in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, but this has recently been cut, greatly reducing their monthly income.  Claire is hoping to increase her hours at work, but in the meantime it’s quite a struggle for Claire, her husband and two growing children.  Claire was delighted with the food package she left with, including the cat food!

We are currently looking for volunteers on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday at our Glebe Street Foodbank Centre, and every second Friday at our Culloden Foodbank Centre.  If you think you can offer a listening ear, for a couple of hours, on any of these days/locations to people who come to Foodbank, please get in touch with me.”

Donations of supermarket ‘Bags for Life’ are also extremely useful.  Donations can be placed in the container in the Church vestibule or dropped off at the new warehouse on Glebe Street. Foodbank Contact:  email - or call 07875 332696

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