Fiona Waite’s new adventure


Fiona Waite is off to Watford on a Soul Survivor leadership course. She explained this morning how this came about.

Inspired by Duncan’s recent sermon about sharing our ‘faith stories’ Fiona told us a little of hers. While attending Soul Survivor with a group from the Church in July 2012, she asked God what she should be doing next with her life, and had a powerful impression of a call to ministry and leadership.

However she’d been planning to study Creative Dance after she left school to fulfil her passion and her dream and went ahead with this, beginning a course at Dundee. This kept her very busy, and she’d no time to connect with God, or perhaps didn’t make time to connect with God because she had a deep-down sense that the next part of God’s plan didn’t include dancing.

And then this Easter (2014) when she was helping out at a Scripture Union Camp, she had a sense that God was calling her to take a leap of faith, to leave college and live our her faith in a new adventure – attending a Sole Survivor Soul 61 course. She had doubts and uncertainties about this, but she felt that these originated with herself and not with God. The fact that she found a job to enable her to pay for the course she saw as confirmation that she had made the correct decision.

The Soul 61 course is named from Isaiah 61:4 – ‘They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.’ It’s a 10-month course run from the Soul Survivor Church in Watford. Fiona will study theology, communications and leadership for two days each week. The other three days, she’ll be working on placement. The options include children’s work, youth work, church planting and outreach. Fiona’s central interest is outreach – she is passionate about helping to rebuild broken lives.

When she was leaving the Dundee course, feeling a bit uncertain, knowing she’d miss the friends she had made there, someone gave her a card saying ‘Life’s a beach.’ That reminded Fiona of what she’d told us in Hilton Church the day she joined. She’d spoken about living with God as walking across a beach – when the going was tough and hard, God carried her in his arms; when the going was easy and joyful God walked beside her, holding her hand. The whole of life, she saw could be visualised as a dance along the beach.

Fiona mentioned how grateful she was to the Church for support of her, and then Barry Dennis and Stuart Macquarrie prayed with her on behalf of us all.

Every blessing to you Fiona as you launch into this new adventure!

A thought: “Even when hard times come, Fiona, when the beach is lashed by winter storms, may you never forget what it’s like to dance with the King who is with you always, may you never forget that as Christ’s people we walk the beach together. And remember too that all our true passions, the passions which define who we are, are God-given. You may have moved on from studying creative dance, but I strongly suspect you will be given many opportunities in future to use, and fulfil this talent you have been given. Solomon, as we heard this morning, chose wisdom rather than personal fulfilment, yet he found that having chosen wisely, the other gifts were given him too. Blessings to you in the days ahead.’ (John Dempster)


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