Falling into the Father’s arms and getting rid of the no-good bird (and its nest)


Love this prayer which Philip led us in repeating at this morning’s service:

Almighty and merciful Father God
You are full of power and mercy,
We have been careless of your wise life-giving laws.
Too often, like disobedient animals
We have been only doing what we want when we want it
Not what You want when You want it.

Too readily we turn away from seeking or listening to the help
And guidance you long to give us for every moment of our lives.

This has made us weak and less able to live well.
Our daily lives have become like beautiful trees
Where a ‘no good’ bird has come and built a big messy nest
And set up home.
Kind and caring Lord, today we want to get rid of both that bird and the nest.

We come to you to openly admit our wrongdoings and failures.

Please help us as we say sorry to You and others around us
And just as Jesus promised you would,
Help us to begin again on the right path with you,
And as we know You can,
Make it possible once again that we can live the life
You have given us fully and happily for your sake,
And the good of all around.



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