Ellie’s Baptism: ‘Though you do not know it yet’

Baptism candlee

This morning young Ellie Renée Dennis, daughter of Douglas and Clair Dennis was baptised. If there’s one part of the baptism service which always moves and comforts me it’s the sentence where, after describing how Jesus loves and has died for the child, Duncan says ‘Though you do not know it yet.’

Ellie is very young, fragile, her understanding as yet limited – but God knows her, God loves her, Christ has died for her. And God knows the whole journey of her life – not in the sense that it is predestined, but rather that the God who is fully present in every point in time and to whom every point in time is the present already knows the choices Ellie will take.

‘Though you do not know it yet.’ I love it. There is so much I don’t know: about God, about the future, about the spiritual dimension, about existence beyond physical death. But God knows, and whispers to us (sometimes as an unsought gift, sometimes as the result of study and deep thought and prayer and discussion) as much as we need to know for the stage of the journey we have reached

God will self-reveal to Ellie – sometimes directly, often by what she sees of God in the words and actions of her parents and church.

‘You do not know it yet.’ But we can never, I think, use ignorance as an excuse for we are shown what we need to know. And so the question comes to us ‘What are you doing with what you know? How is it shaping your life?’

(John Dempster)

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