Duncan on the Camino: Day 19

Duncan Camino 68

Puente Villarente to Leon (14km)

We walked into the city of Leon in just over 2 hours this morning. The Cathedral, which was built in the 14th century in just 50 years when the population was only 5000 is impressive. It feels a bit strange to be in a city again after over a week of walking through countryside and staying in small villages.

The Easter holidays are in full swing in Spain and the streets are crowded. We understand that there is a major Easter procession taking place tonight, so that will be interesting to see. We saw a procession in a small town yesterday where everyone was walking together and waving their palm branches recalling Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.

The weather was very humid as we walked this morning. Thunder claps began just as we arrived at our accommodation in the Old City. We were grateful not to get a soaking in the heavy rain that followed the thunder. Hopefully the weather will clear up for this evenings procession.

A short day of walking and a day to relax and explore Leon is very welcome. Day after day of walking combined with less sleep than I normally get has left me feeling quite weary at times. While I have generally been getting up around 7am, some of the pilgrims in the dorms where I have been sleeping, have been leaving before 5am. It’s hard to sleep through someone sprachling around with a torch at 4.30am. Paying my admission at the kiosk for entering the Cathedral, I was asked if I was entitled to the discount for over 65s! I know I am feeling tired, but I didn’t realise I that I had aged so much in 3 weeks!

There is a definite feeling of achievement in reaching Leon today. It seemed so far away when we were in Borges this time last week. Tomorrow we will set out again, with only 300 km to go.

Duncan Camino 68

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