Duncan on the Camino: Day 17 The Half-Way point

Duncan Camino 61

San Nicolás del Real Camino to El Burgo Ranero (24km)

Today at 9.15am on the 17th day of walking we reached the half way point in the Camino. We now have more miles behind us than in front of us. There seems to be some dubiety about the precise location of the half way point, but Sahagún looked the most impressive.

In the context of the whole walk so far,this was probably the least interesting section. The path, just like yesterday, was arrow straight for mile after mile, and it never moved more than a few metres from the road. The area is very agricultural with vast fields being ploughed ready for sowing. We are in a very flat section of the Camino which I think will last for several days yet. Over the last few days,as we have been walking on the level, we have been parallel to a vast range of snow capped mountains, probably 50 km further north. It would be great to go and see these mountains up close, but that will have to wait for another time.

The plan had been to walk a section of 37km today,but common sense and my feet’s response to yesterday’s tramp, made doing a shorter section the sensible thing to do. My feet are feeling much better than yesterday but my left heel is still feeling pretty tender. I stopped in a small town this morning to stock up on compede and plasters. Hopefully, I won’t need them, but I am not holding my breath!

After 2 very long days, it’s good to have an early finish. We arrived in El Burgo Ranero around 3.30pm.

Duncan Camino 62

Duncan Camino 60


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