Duncan on the Camino: Day 16

Duncan Camino 54

Carrion de Los Condes to San Nicolas del Real Camino ( 32km)

It’s the end of another long day. We left at 8am and arrived at our destination shortly before 6pm. There was frost on the windscreens of the cars when we left this morning, but by mid morning the temperature was very warm with not a cloud in the blue sky.

The only cloud for me was the fact that I woke up with a very sore left heel which didn’t get any better as the morning went on. 250 miles of walking on hard surfaces has taken its toll. The silver lining to the dark cloud was Fernanda, a Brazilian physiotherapist who has been part of our walking group since the very beginning. She gave my foot a very though “ going over” ( ouch!) and has given me a series of daily exercises.

The walk today was very flat and very straight. We began the day with a 17km walk between villages, where it seemed that the Way was completely straight from beginning to end.

We ended the day with a common meal in a private albergue where all the guests shared together. What a privilege it has been to share in this experience. The Camino is hard but better than I could ever have imagined as an experience. Tomorrow we leave at 7am and it will be our longest day yet, 37km.

Duncan Camino 59

Duncan Camino 58

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