Dores Beach Easter Day service

Dores Duncan

Jonathan left three thoughts with us at the Dores Beach service this morning.

First of all, he pointed out that in John 20, Mary Magdelene looked twice into the open tomb.  The first time, it was just a cursory glance (Matthew 20:1-2) enough to see that Jesus was no longer there, but no more.  Then, shortly afterwards, she went back, and had a second look, met the angels, and then met the risen Jesus.  (John 20:10-16)  Are there any circumstances in our lives which where we see only deadness, and hopelessness? If so, Jonathan suggested we take a second look at that situation, take a look from the perspective of resurrection. We will perhaps discover the stirrings of new life in what we thought was dead.

Then he read this poem, which end with the challenge to ‘practice resurrection’ Wendell Berry’s words summon us to see the world through different eyes, and live radically. Which leaves us with an intriguing question: what does it mean, practically, to live as people who believe in resurrection?

And finally, he quoted from a book by theologian George Eldon Ladd  which emphasises that on the basis of the evidence, it is completely logical and reasonable to believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus.

John adds: The challenge to live the principle of resurrection (by which I mean seeing in everything the hope of new birth, new life, and believing that we ourselves will experience resurrection)  is therefore based not on myth but on something which actually happened.   There are old, archetypal myths, stories empowering us through demonstrating life awakening from death, but the power which reaches us through these stories is the power of Jesus, who died and rose again. His story is ‘the true myth.’ He is the Hero to which other stories of heroes point, the Hero on whose power all other heroes draw, whether consciously or unconsciously.

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