Cracking eggs……

Thorntons eggs

Jonathan had fun with the children at the service this morning cracking open chocolate eggs with a hammer, and reflecting on today’s Bible passage, Luke 24: 1-12.

The first one looked truly amazing – it called itself the ‘Marvellously Magnificent Humungous Chocolate Easter Egg’, and you would imagine that the chocolate egg would contain some further edible goodies. However, Jonathan and the children were disappointed. It was empty!

This reminded Jonathan of the tomb on the first Easter morning: it was empty. The disciples were confused!

(It also reminded me of how many things in life present themselves to us as marvellously magnificent and humungous – we strive for them, only to discover that behind the shell, there is nothing. And sometimes the talk about the marvelousness and magnificence is so loud and so certain that we’re convinced we must be missing something that we tell others ‘Yes! It’s truly magnificent!’  until we can mask the pain in our hearts no longer and admit that if we were looking for anything beyond the superficial, we have been duped.)

Egg number two, when robustly hammered open, didn’t contain any sweets, but inside it there was a daffodil. A symbol, Jonathan said, of new life.

He quoted the angels who said (Luke 24:5) ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead?’

Egg number three made no promises, and yet when opened, proved to be packed full of sweets.  ‘A surprise!’ Jonathan exclaimed.

And the disciples’ discovery that Jesus was alive was a humungeous surprise.

What an experience they had that morning – finding the tomb empty, hearing the message of new life, and encountering the risen Jesus!

(The small egg in the corner, ignored by so many, is the one which holds untold and incalculable riches.)

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