Children of God, living in the ‘now’: reflection by John on yesterday’s sermon

John Down town 2

In his sermon yesterday, Duncan was talking about the immensity of Jesus: the Christ, the creator of all things, was present in Jesus, and Duncan challenged us to face the consequences of this:  to say ‘Yes!’ to Jesus, moment by moment; to communicate Jesus effectively in a changing culture; and to seek to express grace and truth in our daily lives.

Perhaps some of us listen to this kind of sermon, and say ‘Yes!’  That’s what I want to be like: I want to say yes to Jesus; to be real about what Jesus means to me; to express Christ’s grace and truth in my life.’

In other words, we’re conscious of a deficiency in us, and the sermon gives us hope that this time we can take it on board, and really say ‘Yes’ in such a way that the grace and truth flows in us. It’s possible to live in perpetual hope that one day, one fay we’ll break through the invisible barrier into the great joy.

I believe God says something like this to us in this situation; ‘My child, I love you, you are infinitely precious to me. Don’t you realise that your desire to say ‘Yes!’ to me is itself the ‘Yes!’ which moves my heart?  Could I suggest that rather than yearning for some life-changing experience you pause and reflect on who your already are? My beloved daughter, my beloved son.  Let me open your eyes to see what I am already doing in your life, and in the lives of those around you, and those in Hilton. For I am always at work, prompting people to say yes to me, prompting acts of kindness, love, grace, holiness, compassion.  Do not seek to for change because you seek to earn my love, for I love you now with a total, unshakable, unchangable love. Know yourself loved, and you will be changed, blessed, spiritually enriched. I love you!’

Sometimes I think we have this vision of perfection, and feel that if only we did this faith thing a bit better we would become perfect as individuals and a church. But in this life there will be no perfection. There will always be brokenness and struggle and mess in our lives and in our church. But in the midst of that, light and love areshining. We see the sunshine of grace glinting through the cracks in the perfect life we try and fail to build.  We learn to be loving and compassionate, to say ‘sorry’,  to be real with one another and real with God. There is beauty  in brokenness if our eyes are open to see it.

We only have ‘now’, not the past, not some dreamed-of future. Let’s live the now, saying ‘Yes’ to the Jesus who loves us more than we can ever imagine.

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