Points for prayer for the week ahead: Sunday 15th November

Weekly Prayer Points Time Out Give thanks that the crèche has funding for this year. Pray that relationships continue to be developed with all those attending and further connections are made Matthias & Sabine (our missionary partners) There has been an issue with sourcing malaria medication in the whole of Eastern Congo. Pray that more can be brought in so that treatment can be offered to the children and pregnant women most at risk. Give thanks

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Poems by Anne Thomas – 5
Bird leaving cage

More of Anne’s poems, written when she was in her teens and early twenties.  We are enormously grateful to Anne for sharing with us this spiritual autobiography in verses.  I loved Accepted where Anne describes wounds suffered in childhood, and the later healing of these wounds as, accompanied by a friend, she was able to bring her aching child self into the light of God’s love. And I appreciate Anne’s honesty in describing the anguish of

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Hilton Church Data Protection Policy

We all know how important data protection is. We need to know that all organisations we entrust data to are handling that information in a responsible and appropriate way. Churches are no exception. We're so grateful to Pat Macquarrie for all her work as Data Protection Officer! Here is some of the fruits of Pat's work: the Church's Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice. Thanks Pat!    

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Meet Phil Gunn

“What made you want to become a minister?’ Phil Gunn was asked when he was on placement at Inshes Church. ‘I’m not sure I wanted to become a minister,’ he replied, thoughtfuly. ‘In fact, I think you have to be slightly crazy if you simply “want” to be a minister in the Church. But I feel very strongly and very definitely called to it.’ Phil was born in Nottingham, and then lived in Yarm on Teesside between the ages of 18 months

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Rhymes Recollected – ‘My favourites’
Rhymes Recollected Sept 19a

14 of us - including Phil Gunn - joined us this afternoon for the first meeting of the new session of Rhymes Recollected. The theme was 'My favourites.' We read and chatted about lots of poems, old and new, serious and humorous, including poems written this very day! We next meet on 23rd September at 2pm in the small hall, when the theme is 'Autumn'. Don't miss it! Here are pictures of some of the folk who were there this afternoon!    

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Three things struck me at yesterday’s service : 3
Love one another

The other theme which I appreciated was that of love, which flowed right through the service. I particularly liked the second line of Great God your love has called us here: ..we, by love, for love were made Exactly the same truth was expressed in Matthew Todd’s song about love as a fruit of the Spirit which we sang before the children left. God is pure love and that’s why we were made To God, love is not peripheral – it is absolutely central

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Three things struck me at yesterday’s service : 2
Jesus footwashing

I loved the opening hymn Great God your love has called us here The two lines which were most special to me were: We strain to glimpse your mercy seat And find you kneeling at our feet empahsising that God’s love and forgiveness is a free gift.  But you get the picture – here we are, screwing up our eyes, looking for the place of forgiveness, ‘the mercy seat?’  Where is it? Will we be welcome? Can we even approach it? Are we beyond God’s

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Three things struck me at yesterday’s service : 1
Bird flying high

Calum Macritchie performed an extract from the play he took part in in Glasgow last summer, based on the book The Reason I Jump, by an autistic Japanese teenager, Haoki Higashida. Describing why he has to jump, he tells us in the book, and Calum reminded us yesterday that he jumps because ‘The motion makes me want to change into a bird and fly off to some faraway place. But constrained by ourselves and by the people around us, all we can do is

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Duncan’s challenge for next Sunday…..

Duncan’s focus again this morning was on absorbing the Shema, making it part of our living, it’s challenge and reassurance something which shapes our present. Duncan referred to his Jewish friend Rebecca telling us of her testimony that the memory of the Shema, constantly recalled, had shaped her life. And Duncan shared a verse from Psalm 16 (verse 5 in the Good News Translation): You, Lord, are all I have, and you give me all I need; my future

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Listening, together, to the voice of the God who is One
Victor Frankl

An outline of Duncan's sermon this morning Today Duncan shared further thoughts on ‘the Shema’, verses from Deuteronomy which he explained were central for faith and life to Jewish people, including Jesus: Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.  (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) Duncan reminded us that these words have been repeated morning and evening,

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