Transforming Highland Lives: a new opportunity

When Alan Sillars talked at the morning service back in January about New Start Highland, he mentioned  a new social enterprise company he is involved in, which was due to launch at the end of February - Highlands and Islands Business Finance. This company is now up and running, providing loans to local businesses which are finding it difficult to access finance elsewhere - it's web-site is here.  One of the other people involved in the new company

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Help required!
Many hands

Help required!! We are really looking forward to holding our annual Easter morning service at Dores Beach at 8am on Sunday 20th April. However, we need some volunteers to help out with the catering to enable us to go ahead. What we're looking for are: - folk to take along flasks, pre-filled with water for hot drinks - 4/5 folk to pre-cook some bacon and bring it along - a couple of people willing to butter some rolls and take them along - a couple

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What can we learn from the man who planted trees?

Jonathan recommends The Man who Planted Trees to folk planning to attend the  the Youth Visioning event. But in fact, if you have never seen it before, please do watch this brilliant animation It's powerful, and inspirational.

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Something to watch If you are planning to attend the Youth Visioning evening on Wednesday

Jonathan writes: “If you’re planning on coming to the youth visioning night in the Lighthouse this Wednesday (7:30-9:30pm) it would be good if you could watch this video in advance. It’ll get you thinking about long-term vision and ‘constant, magnificent generosity.’ Thirty minutes well spent.”

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Engaging in Public Debate: Stephen Hutchison on the Assisted Suicide Bill

As one of the series of short talks at the Sunday service in which members are friends of Hilton church share about how they are, through exercising their faith, making a different in the wider community, Duncan asked Stephen Hutchison, who is Consultant in Palliative Medicine at the Highland Hospice, to talk about his work in raising questions about the Assisted Suicide Scotland Bill which MSP Margo Macdonald is bringing before the Scottish Parliament.

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Singing a new song

Isn’t it great that God gives churches people with all kinds of creative gifts to enrich the worship and joy of the faith community, to surprise with new insights, to express our experiences as a church community?  This morning Duncan spoke about different modes, or phases of worship – both of joy and sorrow – and Stephen Hutchison gave us a new song to sing, a song of persevering faith in hard times. Stephen explained the experiences which

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The song which sings us

I was at a lunchtime Lent discussion group at the Cathedral on Wednesday. Someone mentioned the fact that good teachers never seem to tell their pupils things. Rather, the class seems to learn in the course of interaction and discussion with her. It’s almost as though the learners are being helped to understand something which they already know. Now it seems to me that facts and formulae have to be taught and learned, but it’s perhaps true that

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Donald reaches Luanda
Jubilee Hope 2

News from Donald Macdonald on Jubilee Hope. The ship has reached Luanda, from where Donald phoned home. He and the rest of the crew are all well, and will be leaving shortly on the next leg of the voyage, a 9-day trip to Cape Town from where Donald will fly home. You can follow the ship's journey here:

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Happy retirement, David!

Congratulations to David Whillis, an elder at Hilton, on his retirement as Consultant Oncologist based at Raigmore Hospital, and our best wishes to him as he begins the next stage of his life's journey.

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Rachel’s dream

Here's a link to the powerful video Duncan mentioned this morning about one girl's vision of making a difference in a world where many children die because of lack of fresh water  And here's some more information about Rachel Beckwith's dream.  

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