Rock, feather, bread: small groups in the church
Rock feather breada

John reflects on this morning's service A rock, a feather, bread. The three objects Philip Noble produced in his short talk had church this morning. He was speaking about the experiences people report of involvement in small groups in churches. At times, attending a small group can be a burden, a rock, a duty. We go because we feel we ought to. When that becomes the case, Philip suggested, it’s time step back and ask where the group is going wrong.

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Funeral Poverty – a matter for concern

Just for information. It is understood that The Highland Council in In the light of this, Caithness Presbytery of the Church of Scotland have written to The Council. The Presbytery ‘has a genuine pastoral concern about the effect of these swingeing increases.  Presbyters expressed the view that the provision of Graveyards and related matters was a service to be provided and not simply a means of raising revenue’ The letter added ‘The General

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Finding and learning from Jesus in our need: Bible passages for tomorrow

Bible readings for tomorrow's service. Matthew 14:13-33 Jesus feeds the five thousand 13 When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns. 14 When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed those who were ill. 15 As evening approached, the disciples came to him and said, ‘This is a remote place, and it’s already

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Three Lent Challenges!
Lent pic

From Duncan here are three suggested challenges for Lent, the 40 days of reflection leading up to Easter Challenge 1: read a book There are many books which you can perhaps use as a inspiration and guide during Lent. Go to Amazon and search under 'Books' for 'Lent books' for some suggestions. Challenge 2:  'Do Lent generously'  Sign up to '40 Acts' as some of us did last year, and receive 40 daily 'generosity challenges' throughout Lent. Explore

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Defibrillation of the spirit

Duncan shares a thoughtful call to reflection in preparation for Lent from Jim Gordon. Here's the link: And here's a taster: Sometimes, what is needed is a new vision, a recovered love, a re-orientation of the heart. Sometimes, the soul is healed by unfamiliar music inviting us to move again in God's direction, along unfamiliar roads. And sometimes, it is the call of Christ coming with resurgent force that electrifies and defibrillates the spirit,

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Next book group meeting
Book Group

Book Group will next meet on Thursday 26th February at 7.30pm at Andrea Sillars house. We are discussing the same books as last month, Natural Causes by James Oswald and Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna. Just let Andrea or Shona know if you'd like to join us.

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For the love of…..
Climate coalition

Anne Thomas kindly draws our attention to the For the Love of campaign, highlighted on the Eco-Congregation Scotland web-site. On 14-15 February 2015, the St Valentine’s Day individuals and churches are invited to take part in a national campaign, For the Love of … which recognises that everyone loves something that is threatened by climate change. It asks people to share what these things are, and to join together to demand climate action,

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Thanks – from Africa

Here is a message received from Matthias & Sabine thanking the congregation for sending them a donation from the Christmas service offerings to help in their medical work in the Democrat Republic of Congo. Thanks so much for choosing us. This is a big privilege. We will use the money to help with some of the medicines we want to send to the far away health structures that are really suffering. Thank you also a lot for all your prayers that we

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What does love say

‘What does love say?’ It occurred to me that this is a good question to ask when we’re deciding how we should react in a particular situation, and in that crucial split second between hearing and replying.  Is the action or response I’m considering promoted by bitterness, or selfishness, or revenge, or expediency, or by a desire for the easy option? Or by love? Of course I’m aware that this is no easy fix – love may in some circumstances

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Trusting Abba: a reflection on this morning’s service

A reflection by John Dempster on this morning’s sermon. The speaker this morning was the Rev Donald MacQarrie who retired 3 years ago after 22 years of ministry in Fort William. Donald and his wife Pat now live in Inverness, and have been attending Hilton Church for about six months. Donald told us that when Duncan asked him shortly before Christmas if he would take this morning’s service, he was preparing a sermon on the visit of the shepherds

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